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An overview of some of the more interesting economic charts from our latest Chart Attack report. 

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In this episode, Ellen Roseman speaks with Larry Bates, author of the book Beat The Bank: The Canadian Guide to Simply Successful Investing. They talk about banks, advisors, low-cost investing, fees and retirement.

Thumbnail for Roseman on Telecom Woes

By Ellen Roseman


Telecom woes are a staple of my life – the filling in the sandwich – as a consumer advocacy journalist. I started my On Your Side blog with a post called Bell Blues, which is still current more than a decade later.

Some common themes emerged when I asked Toronto Star readers if Bell’s service was improving:


        • Bell needs an ombudsman or a central point of contact for complaints.
        • It’s hard to speak to a supervisor or get the names of anyone in authority. 
        • Many customers can’t communicate well with staff in overseas call centres. 
        • Some call centre staff reps are courteous and patient, but others are arrogant, insensitive to customers’ time constraints and just